We Always Strive to be Updated

As a company we provide service tools for your business at an affordable price. We use modern technologies to provide effective services and make it possible to reach our clients and customers needs. 

We have dedicated service managers that will help you achieve the most success in your business. With GELUSA you will never feel alone in a trouble and challenging world.

What We Do

We seek to provide excellent and high quality services

With professionals and experts we manage to provide an excellent products & service.


Department that is Expert in Tech areas such as Hardware Solutions, Software, Web Development, Mobile Apps.

Globe Activities

Platform for entrepreneurs & business that provides in Tour, Events, Hotels, Real Estate ext for services.


Main company that manages all other department that provides services and products.

Business Idea

We make your business idea come true. With support of professionals you can enjoy your peace of mind.  


Multistore Management Platform to provide new entrepreneur tools to start their online Product or Service store.


Simple online platform room to go live on radio, video conference, socialize to provide solution and support.


Your Donation Can Always Be Done Toward Any Project.

Our purpose as a company is to provide freadom and creativity to our customers and clients. Your donation can always be pointed to any projects of your choice to improve quality of the product and service.


Gelusa Power Shops 100 X 100

Your Online Store With Freedom and Cretivity


$0.00 Lifetime

  • Products Limit 50
  • POS System
  • Storage Limit 5GB
  • Use Subdomain
  • Whatsapp Api
  • Multi Language
  • Image Optimization
Power Store

Power Store

$99.99 Yearly

  • Products Limit 10000
  • Storage Limit 60GB
  • Use Subdomain
  • Free Domain
  • Inventory Management
  • POS System
  • Customer Panel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Whatsapp Api
  • QR Code
  • Technical Support
  • Multi Language
  • Image Optimization
Power Enterprise

Power Enterprise

$2259 3596

  • Multi Store
  • Unlimited Domain
  • SSL
  • Unlimited Emails
  • All Power Store Features
  • Tech Support 24/7

Why choose us

We Are High Experienced Company

There is no challenge that can be achieved with the right team & tools!

Experienced and skilled team

We have techs, professionals and the tools to make it possible your goals and dreams.

High experienced company

We have been more that 10 year doing business and always seeking t o keep updated with the latest technology

24/7 Dedicated support

Our support team is always ready to provide you the support and tech needed. Note: due to Covid-19 some department are not functioning at 24/7.

Our Projects and Pride

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